Here's What Satisfied Customers Say

Great Work! - Best Drain Company

“My main line from my house to the street was backing up on 6/12 and I called Ultimate Drain Services and they came out a few hours it was done and it was taken care of! All our drains still work! We would recommend them to any company and to any person!”

Great Service - Home Owner

“I have used a few companies in the past and Ultimate Drain Services was by far the best company I have ever used!”

Speedy Service! - Jim Melton

“We called and they were out in an hour!”

Great Company! - Jim

“We called Ultimate Drain Services out to our house a few days ago, they were very professional and speedy we would recommend them to anyone and we would have them come out again!”



“Ultimate Drain arrived a few minutes ahead of the scheduled window, which was great. He assessed the situation, figured out how to tackle the problem, and went at it. It turned out to be challenging, which did not surprise me because this was the first clogged drain I've had in 11 years in my house. He stuck with it and as a result, I am now clog-free. I am very grateful.”


“Troubleshooting was awesome - as I had initially thought my clog was within the main sewer line, however, the technician quickly assessed the issue and pinpointed the source of the clog and associated backup issues and was able to effectively clear it via entry using my laundry room floor drain access. In addition, after I placed my service call request, The tech was at my house in about a 1/2 hour - Wow was that fast and timely! I could not be happier...great professional and super timely service at a reasonable price....highly recommend and will certainly use again if needed.”


“Called Ultimate Drain, and in a couple of hours an employee came and used a sewer auger to clean the drain. He presented a bill and was gone. Mission accomplished.”