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At Ultimate Drain Services, Inc., we established ourselves among the well-known drain cleaning companies in the twin cities area almost 20 years. Our purpose as a company is to provide our customers with the most affordable and highest quality drain cleaning possible. Our efforts are concentrated on larger Corporations and Businesses while still providing exceptional services to the individual homeowners.
We can provide excellent service to anyone with a drain of any type. Commercial, Industrial, Hotels, Restaurant chains, Maintenance companies, Apartment complexes (specializing in high rise apartments), Plumbers, Mechanical Contractors, Businesses, Gas stations, Parking ramps, Colleges, Hospitals, Cities, and yes, even the Zoo - animal cages have drains too.
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Our extensive experience in drain cleaning means your drain worries will be gone. For more information on our drain services, please call 651-436-4700 today. Here is what you can expect from us:
  • 24 Hour Emergency service.
  • Phones answered by Professional office staff, NOT an answering machine, or service.
  • Information is computerized & updated regularly by professional computer consultant & web designer.
  • Our best advertising is our customers.
  • We thrive on referrals!
  • Emergency Evenings, Holidays, Saturdays & Sundays.